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Published: 01st June 2011
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No one gets tired in looking out for the well furnished furniture. Most of them prefer having walnut, oak wood furniture for their home. They give royal and stunning look to the house and are also long lasting. But, it is also interesting to know, about other species of wooden furniture.

Most of the wood is from the rainforests of India, southeast, Europe and America. Every country has other species of wood that is uniquely designed or used for the furniture purpose and it is, interesting to know about them.

Some of the foreign hardwood species are from southeast of Asia, mainly the Philippines have found their way to the ornamental garden furniture of which they are proud. The two most popular kinds are termed as rustic or root outdoor furniture and the other as Kamagong and Narra.

Kamagong is complete hardwood found only in the Philippines. It is said to be everlasting forever. Ancient Philippines orators used this wood for hunting and making martial weapons such as knife, sword and spears. It is little bit grayish and dark in color with brown streaks on it. The Kamagong wood is found rare and is in pure black color, which is the rarest among the woods found in the world.

Narra is the national tree of the Philippines. It is a humid hardwood, which is gorgeous dark red wood granule. Its hardness and acceptance to the weather, have, made it not only the favorite wood in the Philippines, but also is exported to overseas and is ranked as one of the best hardwood for outdoor furniture in the world.

The locked curvy grain provides a rich range of red and yellow which never fails to make a high profit in furniture, wall panels and wooden flooring. Its smooth surface gives a complete shine with the polish to give the Narra floors beautiful look and royal feel. Narra wood furniture is one of the outdoor beasts that are both useful as well as beautiful.

The wood for outdoor furniture Narra and Kamagong furniture are imported and exported at an expensive price than any other wood furniture in the world. This wood gives your furniture durability and artistic look. Narra and Kamagong wood Furniture adds beauty to your home as well as gives royal look.

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